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Hello ladies and gentlemen visiting my site. I would like to acquaint you a little with my occupation, which for me is not just a profession, but a deep meaning of life and destiny from above. In my short story, I will tell about my first acquaintance with the ancient gypsy magic of my clan of Hungarian gypsies. In general, magic, as many people know, is divided into two sides: white and black, black magic is based on meanness, envy, betrayal, self-interest, etc. and white magic is the complete opposite and this is the eternal cycle of good and evil from ancient times inherent in our entire universe ...

As you already understood, my name is Angelica.

I am a gypsy from the ancient Doshkeschi family. It all started from early childhood, I was initiated into the mystery of magic and divination, I learned a lot from my grandmother, she was not only a fortune teller but also a healer. I began to know human destiny from the age of 10, already at this early age I was taught to heal (help people). You ask and from where do I get this gift? From generation to generation, this gift is passed on to us through the female lines and nothing more! My great-grandmother in pre-revolutionary Russia was so famous that members of the royal family turned to her and, in gratitude for her help, even presented a picture, it is still kept as a family heirloom. Grandmother Raisa Yakovlevna, in the days of Soviet Russia, was approached by high-ranking officials. You should also be familiar with the Clairvoyant Galina Vishnevskaya, known not only in Russia, but also abroad. She has a diploma of the winner of the national award in the field of medicine and esoteric knowledge "Golden Aquarius", a diploma of "The best clairvoyant" for the last 12 years according to a survey of TV viewers of the program "If you want to be healthy". People who are in trouble cannot get out of it on their own, whether it be love, career, family, business, or something personal. With the power of God, I will help you too. We are the creators of our own happiness, I am ready to become your guide to the end of the path to it. Thank God for the gift that he gave me, because the gift to help people is "great happiness".


What is our destiny?

For us, it always remains a mystery what fate has in store for us, for someone - a "villain", but for someone - "fortune". What kind of word is this, "fate", and is this word the personification of our life with all its twists and turns? And do we mean destiny by asking the question “what foreshadows the next day, year, important meeting, or long journey, what to prepare for and is it possible to change the trials prepared for us from above, to prevent the future?”. And are there really people who are able to help in this most difficult issue, which is hidden from the access of ordinary people, are there people who are able to talk to our destinies with you on “You”? And are there really those people who are able to reveal to us the secrets of the mystical veil, who have an extraordinary gift of clairvoyance and divination, a gift that would help figure out how to choose the right path and make a difficult decision in a difficult issue prepared for us by our own destiny. You can believe in fate or not, they consider her to be “minions”, and some are “victims”, she can “make happy” someone, but some on the contrary. It would seem that fate sometimes does not give us a choice ... You just need to follow the destined line, because you never know where "the long path will lead", but fate has a higher destiny and this has been proven to us more than once by the predictions of such clairvoyants as the great Vanga, who predicted many events that are happening to this day, despite the fact that she has not been with us for a long time. We can recall the prediction to the great poet of Russia A. S. Pushkin, who was predicted that at the age of 37 he would die at the hands of the blond Dantes, or to Kirsan, who eventually became the president of the chess federation. One can recall countless cases when the rulers of great states, empires, for many centuries, not relying on their intuition and education, trusted in the hands of clairvoyants, fortune-tellers and prophets, and in many cases did the right thing, saving the fate of their people_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_having made the right decision .



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Should I seek help from the supernatural? 

When there is a feeling that there is no choice, intuition and sound thinking do not suggest anything at all, people turn to the supernatural for help and often find answers to all their questions. But it is important to choose an assistant in such matters who is experienced and knowledgeable, because you should not joke with your fate, and you cannot trust it to just anyone! I am Angelica and a hereditary fortune teller, I received my gift through space and time from my mother, a clairvoyant and healer. Only such a talent, acquired by inheritance, is a real gift, thanks to which it is only possible to sort out the intricate tangles of our destiny. As you know, only such a gift, the gift of divination and healing, the gift of clairvoyance, the gift of helping people, passed down through the family, hereditary line, from mother to daughter, is defined as true.


Do not be afraid of supernatural abilities, they are given to protect us from mistakes, protect us from unforeseen situations, help in difficult times or direct us on the right path.


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