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The best fortune teller in Moscow

The best fortune teller in Moscow

Fortune-teller Anzhelika Vishnevskaya is the best fortune-teller in Moscow and Russia, as well as abroad. Anzhelika is a gypsy from the ancient family of Doshkeshchi. It all started from early childhood, was initiated into the secret of magic and divination, learned a lot from her grandmother, she was not only a fortuneteller but also a healer.

About me

Hello ladies and gentlemen visiting my site. I would like to acquaint you a little with my occupation, which for me is not just a profession, but a deep meaning of life and purpose from above.

Opinions about The best fortune teller in Moscow Olga


Angelica, I am grateful to you for your help in removing damage and the evil eye. It became even easier for me to live... The state of frustration has passed. I already have more energy, I go to work more willingly, I didn’t notice this before))  

Opinions about The best fortune teller in Moscow Ivan


Angelica, you are right. 4 months have passed and everything has come true as you predicted. You were so gentle in your advice about my situation that I didn't see fit to follow it. Being the master of your life is not as easy as it seems to many. But I'm surprised. And I will contact you

Opinions about The best fortune teller in Moscow Anna


I think situations in life are different. I once needed help in solving some problems with one person. I'm still impressed with the result! Angelica, strong, I preferred her.

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city Moscow

Phone: + 7 96 87039257

Email: -

Reception schedule:

Working hours (Mon-Sat)

from 10:00 to 21:00

Sunday: from 10:00 to 18:00

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