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Fortune telling on coffee grounds - how to find out what awaits the relationship with the clairvoyant of Kyiv and Moscow Angelica Vishnevskaya

Fortune telling on coffee grounds - how to find out what awaits the relationship with the clairvoyant of Kyiv and Moscow Angelica Vishnevskaya

Fortune telling on coffee grounds is one of the most popular fortune telling methods since ancient times.  People often want to know what awaits them in the future and therefore are looking for an opportunity to see at least some clues. The most important thing in divination on coffee grounds is to ask the right question and understand the symbols.  Clairvoyant Angelica Vishnevskaya can help you figure out all the questions that interest you. In addition to fortune-telling on coffee grounds, she can read Tarot cards and tell you exactly what awaits you. her. 

Features of fortune-telling on coffee grounds

In fact, fortune-telling on coffee grounds is a rather complicated process, because it is not so easy to make out the symbols. If you are guessing for the first time, then fortune telling may be inaccurate or you will see practically nothing.  The fortuneteller must have a strong intention and sincerely desire to receive an answer.  Also, when fortune-telling on coffee grounds, extraneous sounds should not be heard.  This is an intimate moment, and to everything worked out. You must completely immerse yourself in the process of fortune-telling.  Divination on the coffee grounds of Angelica Vishnevskaya is accurate, because the clairvoyant has experience and a gift, she can easily see and interpret each symbol. But if you are still impatient to tell fortunes at home, you can try.  The fortune-telling process will be described in this article, but you need to remember that for in order to get an exact answer to your question, you need experience, so for the first opportunity, contact a clairvoyant for divination.

Preparation for divination and love magic

To prepare for divination, you need to retire and make coffee. The process of brewing coffee is quite simple and there are no particular specifics.  There should be about two or three tablespoons of coffee in a cup. . After the coffee is drunk, you should clearly formulate the question that interests you.  It may be easier for you if you close your eyes, but you must fully concentrate. Take the cup in your hands and ask your specific question.  After the question is asked and the coffee is completely drunk, you will see that only the coffee grounds remain at the bottom, which is a little watery. Take the cup in your left hand and make several circular movements so that the remaining coffee leaves marks on the walls.  the remaining coffee sank onto the plate.  Leave the cup in this position for a few minutes.  After two or three minutes, you can lift the cup and start looking at the symbols on the walls.

What can you learn from fortune-telling on coffee grounds?

You can see various symbols that can mean ups and downs, improvement or deterioration in health, or financial situation, changes in the love sphere. There are a lot of symbols, so let's look at some of the most common ones. If you saw a shoe, then a move awaits you, which will be unexpected and unexpected. If a mushroom, then growth in something or weight gain awaits you. A square means limitation, whether it be imprisonment or isolation of character. Swallows predict journeys with a happy ending, lines are progress, and the full moon does not mean love; if you see a flower in a cup, then your innermost desire will come true.


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